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Subscriptions Now Available

Subscriptions are now available for our Sudoku Grand Masters, Sudoku Challenge, Sudoku Time and Everyday Sudoku titles. You can Purchase them through the online shop (see 'Subscriptions & Store') or b...
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The Magazines

Below is a list of our publications:

Everyday Arrow-words

Most traditional puzzle formats have been around for decades, but arrow-words have only been produced for about 12 years in the UK. A bit like quick crosswords, but with the clues contained within the grids themselves, they have become increasingly popular both in magazines and in daily newspapers.


Everyday Crosswords

Everyday Crosswords was launched in November 2006 and features a challenging mix of quick crosswords and coffee break puzzles. Published in “small A4” format with colour text pages it a benchmark for quality in crossword magazines


Everyday Puzzles

Everyday Puzzles, the newest title in our very popular “Everyday” range, is designed for the true all-rounder. Every issue contains a plethora of puzzles, in all different sizes and formats, providing a true challenge to even the most adaptable brains amongst our solvers!

Everyday Sudoku

Everyday Sudoku

Launched in July 06, Everyday Sudoku has a rather special format. Recognising that Sudoku addicts often lead very busy lives, it has a unique “calendar” format which provides different puzzles for every day of the week. So each day there are “coffee break quickies” as well as more challenging grids for the journey to work or the evening.


Everyday Wordsearches

Wordsearches have always been a favourite puzzle in the UK with only crosswords matching their popularity amongst the puzzling fraternity. Whether you are on holiday, on your way to work, or just relaxing at home Everyday Wordsearches will provide hours of fun and entertainment.


Sudoku Challenge

Sudoku Challenge is a real “all rounder” and one of the biggest sellers in the Bromleigh House range. Published in the classic A5 format, Sudoku Challenge features a complete range of puzzles from “easy” to “challenging” as well as a number of sudoku variants like Sudoku X, and jigsaw sudoku.

Sudoku Grand Masters

Sudoku Grand Masters

Only the most serious sudoku solvers need apply!! Sudoku Grand Masters is designed for the real expert and each issue starts at the intermediate level progressing to the devilishly difficult Expert Level 2. Grand Masters is sudoku in its purest form and features only 9 by 9 grids.

Sudoku Kids

Sudoku Kids

Sudoku Kids was the first title on the market to be designed specifically for younger sudoku fans. Designs are bolder and more colourful, and there is more of a “fun” element than the adult range.


Sudoku Time

Sudoku Time was one of the first sudoku magazines to be published and its many readers still view it as “the original and the best”. It's larger, “small A4”, format remains unique in the market and the bigger size gives the reader a selection of different challenges all on the same page.