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Subscriptions Now Available

Subscriptions are now available for our Sudoku Grand Masters, Sudoku Challenge, Sudoku Time and Everyday Sudoku titles. You can Purchase them through the online shop (see 'Subscriptions & Store') or b...
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Sudoku Challenge

Sudoku Challenge is a real “all rounder” and currently one of the biggest sellers in the Bromleigh House range. Published in the classic A5 format, Sudoku Challenge features a complete range of puzzles from “easy” to “challenging” as well as a number of sudoku variants like Sudoku X, and jigsaw sudoku.

Originally launched in Aug 05, Sudoku Challenge was specifically designed in a “handbag” size, and always contains a wide variety of puzzles. This provides the greatest flexibility for the reader, allowing them to select the type of puzzle. and the degree of difficulty to suit their needs - wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

From issue No 69, Sudoku Challenge will increase in size by 16pp to 68pp. The new 16pp centre section will feature a big selection of all the newer variations on the traditional 9x9 sudoku grid.